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Open up your house or building to the environment and be flooded with natural light from skylights, glass partitions, balustrades and staircases for a superior aesthetic appearance.

Architectural Glass

Glass usage in the country has been growing dramatically over the past decade. We all like our houses and buildings to open up to the environment and be flooded with natural light. Architects and decorators are innovatively using glass for a variety of applications from skylights to partitions, balustrades to staircases, and many-many more that make our surroundings look more spacious and beautiful. In this past, this has led to a trade-off with safety, security, energy efficiency, and noise insulation. Recent advances in glass technology show how one can achieve both safety and enhance lifestyle with improved natural lighting, thermal and acoustic performance of buildings both in residential and commercially application through innovative usage of glass.

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Frameless glass balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades are versatile enough to suit a wide variety properties whether commercial or residential to modern or vintage. With space and light at a premium in many properties, glass gives Designers, Architects and Home owners the elusive option to create space and light from glass itself, frameless glass balustrades creates the wonderful illusion of unlimited space. Glass is a timeless material which we believe will always have a certain elegance and style from vintage chic to modern minimalism. Make sure that you choose a balustrade that not only reflects your style, but is seamlessly integrated into the overall design of your home.

All of our balustrades are custom made, taking your specific requirements into account. We offer balustrades in 8, 10, 12 and 15mm toughened glass all complying with British Standards.

Frameless Glass Balustrade
Glass Frameless Balustrade

Balconies and Staircases

A balcony by definition must incorporate a balustrade of some description. It provides safety and peace of mind. Our frameless balustrade's are the perfect thing to allow unobstructed views knowing you and your family are protected.

We work hand in hand with professionals in all aspects of the building trade. From large developments to a single dwelling we can assist in quick estimates, product integration and implementation.

While we are happy to do big-scale new developments, we are also very pleased to handle individual enquiries from Installers, Quantity surveyors, Builders and Developers.

We offer our services nationwide and are always interested in developing long term relationships with trade customers.

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